A one stop shop when it comes to peace of mind
How good was it when we came across Joe and his team. We were overwhelmed and overloaded with information and terminology from governing bodies and other institutions. With all the changes to systems that surround aged care it got to the point of confusion and exhaustion working out and interpreting the impact that it may have in the long term. We were able to open up with all our true emotional concerns in a free and safe environment, to ask questions and say how we really felt and our concerns that mum’s savings could dwindle out. Joe effectively put it into layman terms and explained the financial impact so as we could make informed decisions, he gave us scenarios, strategies and options which in turn gave us confidence and choices that would suit our situation. We can sleep easy knowing that things were correctly in place, not watching over our shoulder in case the law changes or maybe we interpreted it incorrectly.

Joe and his team are always pleasant and willing to help and following through with our concerns, offering ongoing support. I would highly recommend Progressive Financial Solutions as a one stop shop when it comes to peace of mind. .

Carmel Douglas as POA for Caterina Gioscio, 5th April 2016

I decided to go for the professional approach
I would like to share my experience with you. My financial security has always been very important to me.

So in 2005, I decided to go for the professional approach of a financial adviser. It was then that I met Joe Formica, CFP accredited from Progressive Financial Solutions. With my adviser, Joe’s guidance and professional advice I have met a lot of my goals, the first being able to retire early before Age Pension age. With a few major plans and discussions with my adviser we were able to achieve that goal. Also, during my working life leading up to my retirement Joe’s advice and knowledge helped me so much to build on my superannuation and financial future. As a result I am now retired, my financial portfolio is looking good and building a happy future for me. I have regular reviews and updates with my adviser as part of regular service agreement. I look forward to a happy and healthy retirement with the knowledge that my future is in good hands. I would not be in this position without the professional advice and knowledge of my financial planner Joe Formica.

I know I can call on Joe and his great staff at any time for advice. They are all very professional and do their job to perfection. It was the best decision I ever made going with a financial advisor, Joe Formica. I look forward to many more years of service and advice and a happy future. .

Beverley Greenhorn, 5th April 2016

The financial benefits to the family was immeasurable
Dear Joe,
We would best describe the service received by yourself and the staff of Progressive Financial Solutions as excellent in the level and quality of advice, and assistance that we required in a very friendly and professional manner.

Your great knowledge in dealing with the various institutions, was something the individual person with no experience or knowledge would not be able to achieve. The financial benefits to the family was immeasurable and on a personal basis it relieved the amount of stress during a difficult time.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Progressive Financial Solutions and Joe Formica to anyone, family, friends, and acquaintances as a trustworthy, honest and professional individual and the company was a pleasure to deal with and would not hesitate to contact them with any financial requirement in the future. .

Norma Mill, 25th February 2016

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